SKG G7 Pro Smart Neck Massager with Heat
SKG G7 Pro Smart Neck Massager with Heat - SKG
SKG G7 Pro Smart Neck Massager with Heat - SKG
SKG G7 Pro Smart Neck Massager with Heat - SKG
SKG G7 Pro Smart Neck Massager with Heat - SKG
SKG G7 Pro Smart Neck Massager with Heat
SKG G7 Pro Smart Neck Massager with Heat - SKG
SKG G7 Pro Smart Neck Massager with Heat - SKG
SKG G7 Pro Smart Neck Massager with Heat - SKG
SKG G7 Pro Smart Neck Massager with Heat
SKG G7 Pro Smart Neck Massager with Heat - SKG
SKG G7 Pro Smart Neck Massager with Heat - SKG

Endorsed by Maye Musk - SKG G7 Pro Smart Neck Massager with Heat

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G7 Series


Neck Relaxer

The SKG G7 Pro neck massager offers a unique combination of kneading, pulsing, heating, and red light therapy, helping you relax your tendons and release tension with deeper muscle penetration. With 3-level heating and 8 concentrated red light beads, it's the perfect way to reveal a refreshed and rejuvenated feeling, while relieving pain and soreness all at once.

Deep Tissue Vibration

SKG G7pro neck massager with 9 vibrating massage head, 630nm infrared radiation penetrates to the lower 10mm muscles, relaxes muscles, and the heating function focuses on heating the top of the cervical spine, effectively relieving core pain, dredges the meridians, promotes blood circulation.

8 infrared radiation LEDs

3-level large area of hot compress

The innovative design of infrared radiation is arranged for concentrated heating on top of the cervical spine to efficiently relieve pain at the core, 630nm infrared radiation penetrates underlying muscles.

9-Independent heating film all-around protection of the neck and a larger area of massage. Using speed heating technology, rapid heating in 5-10 seconds. 3-level hot compress, which can be adjusted to a suitable temperature according to personal preference.

Relieve the pain, Relax your life

Relieve neck pain and fatigue with the friendly SKG G7pro neck and shoulder massager. This lightweight and cordless massager is designed to replace your masseuse with nine vibrating massage nodes, infrared radiation, and a hot compress - all in a 180g package. Enjoy 4 massage modes that provide a relaxing massage with no strong kneading feeling that targets the cervical spine and promotes blood circulation. Perfect resolution to a desperately needed massage!

🎁Best Gift for Your Loves

Experience luxurious relief from neck and back pain with the SKG Cordless Neck Massager. Its gentle yet powerful massage relieves tension and soothes migraine, stress, and anxiety. Increase blood flow and give your loved ones the gift of peace and relaxation. Feel the difference.

App Download

App Download: Download and install the "Future Wear" app on the App Store, Google Play, or by scanning the QR code below.

Pairing: Turn on the Future Wear APP-> Activate Bluetooth connection on your phone -> Search on the app for the device to pair with (or scan the QR code on the device) -> Finish binding on the app (or on the device).

Note: Please use 5V/1A charger to charge the massager. Please charge the massager for the first time you receive it. This product is not suitable for people who are after heart surgery or for people with high blood pressure.


Rated Charging Voltage


Rated Input Power


Battery Capacity


Body Material

Elastic Plastic + Silicone



Exterior Craftsmanship

Spray Paint & Smooth Coating & Decorative Plating

Electrode Pads

Metal Electrodes


Standard Female Voice (Can be muted)

Charging Interface


Power Voltage

Input 5V/1A

Charging Time

Approximately 3.5 hours

Battery Life

6 cycles (at maximum power consumption) to 10 cycles (at medium power consumption) (Full load running cycle is 8+ in fully charged state)

Massage Time

30 minutes

Massage Modes

4 built-in modes

Massage Intensity

4 levels of physical massage, 6 levels of pulse massage

Heat Therapy

3 levels, approximately 38~44°C

Control Method

Device Buttons

Net Weight


Normally, using it for 30 minutes each time can help alleviate and relax the neck discomfort.

The G7 Pro has a battery capacity of 2400mAh, which can last for up to 7 days on a single charge (under the condition of using it for 15 minutes per day with features such as heat therapy, massage, pulse mode, and red light therapy all activated).

The G7 Pro is a heated kneading neck massager that combines physical vibration massage with dual pulse technology, providing an unprecedented three-dimensional massage experience. Both massage techniques can be used simultaneously, or they can be used separately (when used separately, adjust the intensity of the other massage mode to 0).

Absolutely! The G7 Pro features a total of 9 nano massage nodes, each equipped with advanced heating films, allowing for simultaneous massage and heat therapy. It provides a highly comfortable experience.

SKG has innovatively combined physical kneading and dual pulse technology, creating a wonderful combination. In other words, purchasing the G7 Pro is like getting both a pulse massager and a physical massager in one device.

G7 Pro: Opening diameter ≈ 15cm, circumference ≈ 47.10cm.