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World’s First Massage Gun with a built-in Hot Compress

The SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun is easy to carry and suitable for users with different usage needs.
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Are you looking for a way to relax? And do you want to determine with which pressure you want to massage yourself? Then the SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun will surely be just right for you. Massage guns are currently experiencing a real trend. Not only do the closed massage practices lead to this, because non-athletes have also discovered these fitness gadgets for themselves. Most models score points with different attachments and the possibility of transporting the device and accessories. You can find out which criteria the SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun meets in the following review.

So that you can also imagine something under it, we want to, first of all, explain to you what a massage gun actually is. Basically, it is a massage and relaxation device. The shape of a massage gun, like the SKG F5 model, is similar to a pistol. But do not worry, the only thing that will be missed is relaxation. Equipped with a motor, massage guns reach high speeds (revolutions). With the help of different attachments (heads), you can transfer the revolutions to the skin, which can help you relax.

After looking at what a massage gun is in general, we come to the SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun. After all, this can also shine with some functions. You should always pay attention to whether these functions are also relevant for you. This can save a lot of money, but let’s just start and see what this model can do.





The SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun packaging box gave me the first feeling that it is fashionable and young. The main color of the whole packaging box is mainly cyan. This may be because the SKG LOGO is cyan, so the two are echoed. The packaging boxes of other brands are basically black or white, and I’m tired of seeing them. Therefore, the packaging box of the F5 gave me a sense of freshness. On the front of the box, there is a photo of the SKG F5 Massage Gun.

The back of the box mainly talks about some of the features and parameters of the SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun. The arrangement is very simple and there is no mess.

After opening the box, you can see that the SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun is firmly placed in the protective material of the inner box. The main unit is equipped with a gray ball-shaped massage head, with a green ball-shaped massage head and an imitation palm massage head, which are placed in the paper box. Product storage bag and charging cable.


The SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun adopts a physical button design. I personally feel that it can better control the massage gun during use. The physical buttons are divided into two functional areas, the upper and lower functional areas, long press can realize the switch operation, after the power on, click to switch the gear, the bottom button function is to switch the heating gear.

The SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun is the first product in the industry with a hot compress massage function. The hot compress heating area is designed at the bottom of the handle, and the flexible heating material is used to realize the rapid heating function after turning on the machine. The 3-speed switching function allows users to choose the one that suits them. The temperature of the compress.

The top area of the SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun makes this product fashionable, even if it is placed at home, it can be used as an ornament. The overall visual effect is not as tough as the common massage guns on the market, and there is a requirement for appearance. Of users can fully take care of it.

The massage head of the SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun can be replaced and can be replaced with different massage heads according to different use environments and needs. The massage gun comes with a gray round massage head that has a harder texture, while the green round massage head has a much softer texture. There is also a gray palm-like massage head. This is an exclusive and innovative design that allows users to enjoy the massage. To feel the palm strength.

The bottom of the SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun handle is designed with a Type-C charging interface. The product can be charged with the charging cable that comes with the product. Although there is no power plug, there are many charging devices in the home, as long as it is a corresponding charging interface. can use.

The SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun can relax the muscles of the shoulders, neck, waist, back, buttocks, thighs, and calves. When using it, be careful not to exceed 10 minutes. The hot compress process is different because of the temperature and the time control will be Because of the difference, be sure to read the instructions carefully.

The SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun feels very delicate in your hand. Its design concept is easy to carry, so it is not heavy. After holding the handle, the fingers are naturally placed near the switch button. After pressing the switch, the colorful light strip will light up, and different lights will light up when the three gears are switched.

The green ball-shaped massage head attached to the SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun is much softer than the gray model. During use, it can be replaced at any time according to the site of use. Hold the handle of the massage gun and the massage head assembly respectively and slightly force outwards. Pull to complete the disassembly work.

The SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun exclusive imitation palm massage head is installed in the same steps. The texture is very soft and resilient. It can provide a larger hand area during work, and it can feel like using the palm of the hand. The intensity of the massage.

User Experience

 SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun has three levels of strength. The colorful light strip will change to different colors once without changing gears. The strength of the strong magnet motor can meet the needs of users, and different strengths can relieve the fatigue and tension of different parts. By releasing the relaxation needs of different muscle groups, the overall feeling of use is quite good.

In the actual use process, when the SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun massages the muscles, it can get different frequencies of strength according to different gears, and the force points of the muscles are spread from the middle image around so that the muscles can be Get full relaxation.

After light exercise every day, the first fatigue is the legs. Muscle soreness will be very uncomfortable. Although simple stretching is used to relieve the soreness, the SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun’s palm-like massage head is used for massage. Walk along with the muscle texture again, and the muscles that can be fully tightened become soothed.

I usually work in the office or study at the desk. If I don’t exercise frequently, my waist will become very tired. At this time, use the round massage head of the SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun for massage. If you feel a little stiff during the relaxation process, you can replace it with a softer green massage head.

The hot compress function of the SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun can still promote blood circulation. The three different temperature settings can relax the body very well. The part that needs to be tightly attached to the skin during a hot compress will be more effective. Actually, It is also possible to use a thin layer of clothing while in use. The 5min automatic shutdown function is indeed more convenient for users to use. The hot compress and massage head will have a better effect on relieving soreness.

As the first massage gun product supporting the hot compress function in the whole network, the SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun has an exquisite appearance. The streamlined design of the sports car and the interactive design of colorful lights are indeed very memorable. The black technology is full of strength. , R&D investment comparable to that of Huawei has also been a huge success.

Our Verdict

The SKG F5 Portable Body Massage Gun is easy to carry and suitable for users with different usage needs. It can be used at any time between office, study, home, and commuting. In addition to the common round massage head, the exclusive palm-like massage head can more effectively wake up the muscles and let the muscles. Membrane relaxation, with the hot compress function, can quickly relieve fatigue. The exquisite packaging box is more suitable as a gift. What do you think of such a massage gun product?