FAQ of Smartwatch
  1. Check whether the operating system of your mobile phone is Android 6.0 and above, or iOS 9.0 and above;
  2. For better experience, please download the latest VeryFit App.
  3. Check whether the Bluetooth is enabled and working properly on your phone. It is recommended to turn off all programs and restart the Bluetooth before reconnecting.
  4. Scan the QR code displayed on the fitness tracker/smart watch or tap "Add Device" in the App to connect. Select the correct product type: smart watch or fitness tracker.
  5. It is recommended to pair with the device in an open area to avoid interference from other devices.
  1. Make sure the distance between the phone and device does not exceed 7 m, otherwise the signal may be too weak.
  2. Make sure there is nothing between the phone and device that might obstruct the Bluetooth signal, for example, your body or metal objects such as jewelry.
  3. Make sure the device battery has sufficient power to use Bluetooth and keep the screen lit.
  4. Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is working. Try closing all Apps, and then disable and re-enable Bluetooth.
  5. If the VeryFit App is running in the background, iOS may automatically close the App, which can cause Bluetooth to disconnect.
  6. Bluetooth may automatically disconnect if your phone is in power saving mode or if you are using a phone manager App. Please check your phone settings and then try again.
  1. Make sure the Bluetooth connection is working. You can refer to the previous two questions.
  2. Swipe down on the home screen of the VeryFit App or manually refresh data to start the sync.
  3. Check whether the Bluetooth connection timed out.
  1. Ensure that you always wear the device when asleep; otherwise, no sleep data will be available when you sync the device with the VeryFit App.
  2. Sleep will be tracked around the clock. However, your sleep will be recorded only if it lasts for three hours (there are three stages of sleep: deep sleep, light sleep, and REM sleep). Going back to sleep after getting out of bed, sleeping in, or playing with a mobile phone in bed will affect the recording of your sleep.
  3. If you don’t wear the device before going to bed, or if you take off the device immediately after getting up, the recorded sleep time will be prolonged or inaccurate.

The device is waterproof and can be worn in a shower, but the water temperature must be controlled below 40°C.

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