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SKG F5 Massage Gun Review

I have watched from the sideline for several months as I read about a lot of different body massagers and I have heard reports of good results from a variety of products from friends and family.  But I had never tried one until last week. I just was not sure that I needed one and was unclear on the benefits.  Now I am kicking myself for waiting so long!

You see, I am an active person and the regular 3-mile runs and dog walks can take their toll on my calves and thighs.  I have used cold compresses, heating pads, and long stretches in the past and it seemed that just giving the sore muscle time to heal was always the best solution.  Since I have started using the SKG Massager, I clearly see that there is a better way and that it is possible to expedite the healing process significantly.

Let me tell you all about this massager:


The packaging is simply beautiful.  The strong, professional box would provide for easy storage, but I prefer the smooth pouch for easier portability.  But I will definitely keep the box in case I want to store the SKG Body Massager on the hallway shelf.  If not, I am sure that I can find many uses for such a sturdy box.


The massager comes with a charging cable that is the perfect length.  I let the massager charge for over an hour after I opened the packaging and I have not had to charge it since (and over a week-and-a-half of use).  I will probably charge it in the next day or so to keep it available and at the highest performance levels.


The box container the massager, 3 different types of massaging heads, charging cord, and carry pouch.  The items are presented in an attractive layout and are safely stored, which minimizes chances of damages during transit.

The massager itself weighs less than 1 pound and easily fits into my hands.


The SKG Massager has three different speed modes.  I found the biggest benefit from using the highest speed on my sorest muscles right after a workout and then using the lower speed modes on those muscles after one or more from the workout.

There are also three different heat modes for the massager, which are great for warming up the muscles.


The biggest and most noticeable impact of the SKG Massager is in the morning after a solid workout.  Previously I would get up slowly and gingerly take slow and measured steps for several minutes until the muscles were more awake (which would happen for 1-3 mornings).  I would also feel general muscle soreness for several days.  Since I have been using the massager, I have found minimal-to-no muscle soreness on the day after a workout.  I am also running with more confidence since I feel that I have drastically reduced the chances for injuries.

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