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I regularly receive proposals to test products and this leads me to make discoveries and share them with my visitors. The products I'm proposed are usually quite close to what I usually test but with the covid, the launch of most phones is delayed so I test other things too. This time I'm going to test a neck massager proposed by the brand SKG.

SKG is specialized in the production of product around the well being, they marketed several massager of neck / cervical but also propose other products of massage. I'm going to test the SKG Smart Neck Massager, it's a brand new model that has been added to their range.

SKG is present on many sites such as Amazon or Cdiscount, the company has existed for over 10 years. The products have globally good evaluations . I'll try to list the pros and cons so you can decide what's best for you.

Official website:


The SKG Neck Smart Massager aims to reduce muscle tension in the neck area using an electrostimulation technique. The massager must be placed at the level of the neck and the two electrodes at the back of the device will send small discharges to the muscles to help the muscle relax. This type of device has been around for quite a while but this one focuses on the neck and cervical area.


A product's box often gives an indication of the product's target audience as well as its positioning. The SKG Neck Massager clearly has a more premium positioning and seems to target a young and female audience whereas when I read the reviews on Amazon, the audience seems to be more mature. The packaging is very neat and the product design gives a very good impression.

The box contains the neck massager / neck / cervical, a small remote control (battery included), a manual, USB charging cable and protective covers.


The product is quite simple to use and as usual, I always try the products I test without reading the manual. This is not a problem in principle, but I still invite you to go and read the manual before using the product because there is a whole series of warnings that you should read before using the product. There is nothing dramatic but if you read the instructions, you will see that it is for example not recommended for pregnant women or people using a pace maker.

So I invite you to read the manual on the official website before buying if you have any doubt:

To use the SKG Neck Massager, you must first lightly moisten your neck before placing the device. Then, keep your finger pressed on the power button for a few seconds until a sound indicates that the device is turned on. You can then control the device from the remote control.


The remote control is very easy to use, it has a power button, two heat control buttons and two buttons to control the intensity of the massage.


The SKG Neck Massage is sold as a massager but in reality it is not a massager, I think it is for ease that it is sold with this argument because the massager does not really massage. This product works by electrostimulation, so there is no massage as such because the electrodes will come and tap your neck with a variable intensity. What is the use of this product if it does not massage? The effect produced by the SKG Neck Massager should be similar to a massage but the technique used is different. I found this image on their site that illustrates how it works quite well.


The product is easy to handle, I think it is well designed both in terms of ergonomics and design. I find it too small, I am 1m94 tall, I have an above average height and the SKG Neck Massage was a little too small for me but that does not prevent me from using it. The first sensation is a little surprising because before testing the product I expected to be massaged. The electrodes vibrate quickly and come to tap your skin with an intensity that you can control. You will have to find the most appropriate intensity. It is also possible to activate heat production to help the muscles relax. If you change the mode, the intensity resets to the minimum.

The sensation produced by the SKG Neck Massager is pleasant, it produces a light vibration in the neck and heats the area covered by the electrodes. Since I didn't have a problem to solve, I can't say if this device solved a problem I don't have, so I can just say that it feels good and the whole thing is well designed. People with chronic problems in this neck area seem to experience a real benefit, there are many testimonials about it on Amazon. However, it is important to understand that the SKG Neck Massage is designed to bring well-being, it does not solve the origin of the problem. If you have neck pain from an accident, the SKG will help you relax your neck muscles but it will not solve the problem that caused your pain.