The following situations can be used in conjunction with the gel
Feeling too strong when using the massager;
Sensitive constitution, acupuncture sensation is obvious when using the massager ;
It is not obvious when using the massager or the first time use it.
Allergic to metal electrodes;
Dry skin in autumn and winter and discomfort during the massage;
Poor fit due to improper wearing;
Sensitive discomfort with a heat compress.

P.S. We suggest you tab your neck with a wet and warm towel or lotion before every use if you do not have the gel with you;

In response to environmental protection, energy saving, and emission reduction, the charger is temporarily not equipped, but the massager can be charged with accessories everywhere. It can be used with common mobile phone power adapters such as Android chargers with output parameters: 5V1A~2A

After the Massager is used to automatically shut down, the required charging time is about 4 hours. When it is fully charged, the yellow light turns to a flashing blue light. When charging, you need to use a power adapter and a USB cable that matches the Massager. Please use an adapter with an output of 5V 1A~2A and the original charging cable to charge the unit. Please do not use an adapter with an output of more than 5V 1A~2A and a non-supplied charging cable to charge the unit (such as a fast charging adapter). Which would cause the charging time longer than normal or even cause the circuit board to get burned.
Since the main unit has a built-in lithium battery, please use the massager within an ambient temperature of 5°C~45°C. Exceeding this range may result in abnormal battery charging and discharging performance.

When it is fully charged and the indicator turns to blue, the yellow light will turn on after a few uses because the host chip has set a low voltage prompt detection. When we turn on the heating, the power will suddenly increase and rise, and at this time, there will be a voltage drop in the entire circuit. When the voltage is momentarily lower than the detection prompt value, it will prompt a yellow light. In this case, it indicates that the battery is low, not that there is no electricity. When the yellow light is on, it can normally be used for 5~8 cycles. It can run for about 15 to 18 cycles from the entire full power state to the use of a powerless shutdown.

It is recommended to use pulsed electric massage no more than 2 times a day for daily cervical health care. Do not use it on the same part of the body for a long time. Otherwise, excessive massage may cause muscle fatigue in the massage area and cause physical discomfort.

Long-term using our massager can prevent and regulate cervical spondylosis. Pulse electric massage can make muscles contract and relax to improve blood circulation and metabolism. Exercise the neck muscles to act on meridians and acupoints through different waveforms of electric pulses, resulting in acupuncture, massage, beating, and kneading, Physiotherapy effects such as scraping and cupping can dredge the meridians, improve muscle tension and strain, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and also have the effect of traction, so long-term use can gradually reduce cervical spine problems.

The non-fit is caused by the inappropriate adjustment of the circumference of the strap, which is too loose. At the same time, the best position when wearing an eye massager for massage is half-lying or leaning on the back to improve.

The eye massager performs artificial eye exercises on the eyes by simulating human hands. It can be used for a long time and step by step, which can relieve eye fatigue and awaken the nerves and muscles around the eyes.
It is recommended to massage no more than three times a day, and no more than two cycles of continuous massage, so as not to cause eye congestion due to excessive massage.

The App supports G7 Pro & K5-3 EN for now.

IOS version could be downloaded in APP store in the following countries :

Georgia, Canada, USA, Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Slovakia, Spain, Australia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, Vietnam.
For Android version, our users could download from Google Play world wide.